Choosing a path with Yoga

How you feel today about yourself and the world around you is the sum total of all the things you choose to understand and believe in. It is easy for most of us to forget ourselves in the race against getting things done before the end of the day. And yet, in this race we seem to forget what is the most important of all, a healthy mind and body and a happy life. Happiness is something that we all strive for and often we may feel it eludes us like a mirage. The truth is that happiness or the path to happiness and health exists within us and in the choices we choose to make. If you choose to understand ancient knowledge and systems that could help you understand yourself better, would you grab the opportunity? Would you like to understand systems, exercise and routines that could empower you as a person and as a human being? Do you want to grow into a person who believes that balance in self and in life is essential? Then, let’s discover the path together.

Most of our physical and mental ailments stem from our inability to do justice to our mind and body. For perfect happiness and health, something we would all love, it is crucial for you to understand what affects your body and mind and how. We need to understand what our life energy is all about and how it can be enhanced. Once we understand this, we can find better and more effective ways to deal with things that upset us physically or psychologically. It is common for us to feel ill and look for instant remedies in a doctor’s prescription. If you are feeling tried, low and lack energy and spirit, it is time to take a good look both inward as well outward. We need to understand what it is that is upsetting our mind and body balance. What is upsetting the ‘ying’ and ‘yang’ energies and resolve the dissolution.

Benifits of hot yoga

Hot yoga is performed in a hot and humid room. The room is heated to about 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is maintained at 40% to 60%. Such an environment facilitates better and safer workout. As the room is warm, the body stays warm through the exercise routine. This reduces the chances of injuries and strain on the muscles and ligaments.

There are many benifits of hot yoga. These include weight loss, cleansing the body of toxins, improved flexibility and mobility. The body functions properly when all the organ systems work in harmony. Hot yoga exercises the external as well as internal organs and keeps them healthy. Yoga poses are maintained while you focus on your breathing. This ensures that every limb and ligament receives fresh and oxygen rich blood. Breathing properly is essential to keep the body hale and hearty. Oxygen is essential to burn fat and produce energy.

Whether you want to opt for a hot yoga class for weight or fat loss, to improve flexibility or to calm the mind, hot yoga is for everyone. It is important that you join a class that befits your level of fitness. Yoga is an ancient system of exercise and lifestyle that is ideal for people of all age groups, and even for those who suffer from ailments. Hot yoga offers a strenuous workout and you can expect to end a class sweating and satisfied with the fact that you have exercised all your limbs and muscles.

Herbs and Yoga

You also need to look outward into nature and discover the many miracles that it offers you. To be one with nature is one of the greatest blessings of life. Ancient texts suggest that for every ailment and problem there is healing that nature has to offer. Let us discover the magical world of herbs that make it possible for us to live a better and healthier life. Herbs flavor our life and fill them with an aroma of strength and purity. The choice of herbs you decide to grow, smell and use can help make a rather strong impact in your life.

The body needs exercise to keep it healthy and fit. If you were to combine exercise with a technique that will help you adopt meditative states, it brings harmony into the body. Yoga has become a rather popular form of exercise and mediation as people across the globe are waking up to the need to find harmony in themselves and in their world.

What is Yoga

The word yoga comes from a Sanskrit word which means ‘to unite’ or ‘to control’. The basic aim of yoga is to unite the body, mind and soul so that a person finds harmony within himself or herself. Yoga is closely associated with the need for physical as well as mental discipline that helps one consciously gain control over oneself and one’s life. It is perhaps then understandable why the importance of yoga is felt in our busy and hurried life where disorder is common. The mind and body strive for order and discipline and functions best when they work in union.

While to most of us yoga is simply ‘asanas’ or exercises that are performed, it is much more. It is also the meditative and spiritual practices that help one look inwards and understand oneself. Hatha yoga is usually what most of us consider and understand as yoga. It consists of numerous full body postures or ‘asanas’ that are practiced to bring harmony within the body. The Buddhists view yoga as a series of meditative processes that bring about enlightenment. Tantra yoga is another popular form of yoga that involves the practice of ‘asanas’ with breathing and heart rhythm.

For most of us every day is a series of activities listed on our ‘to do’ list. And most often we have to juggle more than two tasks at a time. It is not surprising then that we are often exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is possible to find order in one’s life with the help of yoga. The most important element that yoga brings into your life is discipline. This is because it needs to be done at a certain time, condition and in a certain manner. Breathing is a crucial part of yoga and simply being aware of the way you breathe helps you focus on yourself and makes you aware of your very being.

Yoga is an amalgamation of postures, exercise, breathing, meditation and relaxation. It is therefore correct to say that it has a holistic process that helps care for your body inside out. The key to yoga is control. This control comes in the form of controlling one’s breathing, control of postures and control of your mind. And at the end of it all it helps you feel more in control of your body, emotions, thoughts and actions.

Types of Yoga

There are many different popular styles of yoga and these include the following:
PranaVayu Yoga
Hatha yoga
Ashtanga yoga
Bikram yoga
Power yoga
Tantra yoga
Ananda yoga
Kripalu yoga
Kunalini yoga
Sivananda yoga

Whichever school of yoga you decide to join it is important that you learn it and practice it under supervision of a trained yogi. It is crucial that you understand the many nuances that are characteristic of yoga. The breathing that accompanies an ‘asana’ is as important as the posture one keeps and the amount of time you hold the asana. Yoga can be performed by people of all ages and even those who may suffer from certain diseases. Yoga is known to help with diseases such as those associated with the respiratory system and the circulatory system too.

Yoga Poses

Yoga poses are practiced in order to exercise the different muscles and parts of the body. These poses are also called ‘asanas’. They have names so that you can remember which pose you need to perform to exercise a certain part of the body. These names most often describe the yoga pose and may compare it to an animal, movement or object. The poses have Sanskrit names but are popularly known by their English translation. For instance the Navasana is the boat pose and the Garudasana is the Eagle pose.

Yoga poses differ in their level of difficulty and should be performed only under the guidance of a trained yoga instructor. Some ‘asanas’ may include a series of poses. A good example of the same is the Suryanamaskar, or the Sun Salutation, that exercises virtually every part of your body. For such yoga sequences you would need to know the name and description of each yoga pose that is performed and held.

Breathing is a vital aspect to holding and releasing ‘asanas’ and moving from one pose to another. Usually in yoga poses where you stretch your body, you breathe in, and when you contract your muscles, you breathe out. You may choose to opt to take on yoga poses that focus on specific anatomical parts such as the hips, back or abdomen.

Healing with Yoga

Most of us require healing of one kind or another. For some it may be from an injury sustained in an accident, for others it may be the stress of a disturbed marital relationship and for some others it may be ailments due to an inactive lifestyle. It is important for us to consciously seek out healing techniques and benefit from them. Merely taking medication for the symptoms of the ailments only suppresses them for a period of time, until they resurface again. Healing begins with the acceptance that one can make changes and find peace and unity within oneself. Healing with yoga can be a great source of healing as it unified the body and mind and helps create the perfect balance. It keeps you better attuned to your needs and to the needs of others. It also promotes a healthier lifestyle and attitude towards life.

Healing that comes from nature is the best form and also the most effective. Whether it is herbs that help relive pain or yoga poses that get rid of the stress from your body, it is crucial to take the first step to heal oneself, and get actively involved.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga is an effective technique to find peace within oneself and also the start to yoga meditation. Originally yoga was created to help yogis or practitioners find meditative states that would help them progress along the path of enlightenment. Meditation requires your ‘thinking mind’ to relax and focus on only one point. This may be on one’s breathing, a beautiful mental image or on God. Meditation helps you center on your inner energies, find focus in life and also a calmer state of mind. In today’s world where anxiety and stress rule, meditation can help you lead the life you truly want to.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats can help you find the space and time to discover what you want out of life. They can help you discover the unity in your body and mind and the impact this union can have over your life. Yoga retreats like other retreats offer a simple, harmonious and beautiful environment in which you can discover your life’s priorities and reassess them. They are also an enjoyable break from your usual work-life routine.